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The 10 Best Waterproof Mp3 Players  Apr 2016

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Your Guide To Buying a Waterproof Mp3 Player

By Sharon Lim

    Anyone who routinely engages in athletic activity, competitively or otherwise, will tell you the importance of music to his or her regime. Music has the ability not only to distract us from the physically challenging task at hand, but to get us into a rhythm that motivates us to push forward. Music provides a certain energy that can completely alter the experience of pursuing physical fitness or athletic excellence. Unfortunately for those involved in water sports, musical accompaniment was once impossible. However, the proliferation of waterproof MP3 players is a game-changer. There are now many products available on the market that allow swimmers, divers, and surfers to enjoy the same musical benefits that other athletes have had for years.

    There are two types of waterproof MP3 players. The first is a one-piece design in which the headphones and the player itself attach directly onto the user’s head. The second is a multi-piece device with headphones that attach to the MP3 player with wires. Both types of devices have their benefits and choosing the best one depends on what your unique needs are.

    One Piece: One-piece waterproof MP3 players are ideal for users who will be utilizing a wide range of motion. The absence of long wires gives users the freedom to continue their normal routines without worrying about the wires getting caught or tangled. 

    Multi Piece: Multi-piece waterproof MP3 players work well for users with less rigorous training programs, workout regimes, or during recreational activity. These MP3 players are simple and ergonomic to navigate as the buttons are easily within reach and clearly visible.

    Based on the customer reviews we’ve read, here is what customers have to say about their new waterproof MP3 players:

    • Fit and Comfort: Many reviewers expressed relief that their earbuds stayed in place throughout the duration of use. This was one of the most common and important review comments. With the one-piece systems, reviews applauded MP3 players that were adjustable for many head sizes. Positive reviews included praise on the device staying in place as well as the absence of any uncomfortable squeezing.
    • Usability: Users appreciated MP3 players with buttons that were simple to locate and had clear functions. Additionally, MP3 players that attached easily to the body and did not need constant adjusting during use were rated highly.
    • Sound: When listening to music, especially under loud conditions like swimming through water, it is important that the sound quality be up to par. Reviewers were impressed by earbuds with technology that effectively kept the water out and delivered a loud, crisp sound.
    • Ease of loading music/computer compatibility: Users who encountered difficulty with uploading music to the MP3 player or found the software difficult to navigate were unsatisfied with the product.
    • Features: Devices that offered more music storage were rated more highly than others. Users liked having FM radio available, although this was not a make or break addition. One of the favorite features that were included on many models was a pedometer and lap counter. 
    • Usage: Consider when you will be using your MP3 player. Are you a competitive diver who will be using the device at high-speeds and high-impact? Or do you plan on using your MP3 for more leisurely purposes? Depending on the range of motion you intend to employ, it will determine how important certain features like wireless headphones and secure attachments are.​
    • Features: Look at the various features each device comes with. If you are focusing on weight loss, a device that has a pedometer would be an excellent choice. If you are working to build stamina and endurance, one with a lap counter would be ideal. If you don’t want to have to worry about choosing your music or putting it on the device, one with an FM radio might be the best fit for you.
    • Device attachment: Consider what you will be wearing when you use your MP3 player. Identify the way that the device attaches to your body. Depending on your water wear, certain devices may be more difficult to attach than others. Along the same lines, factor in your headwear. Each device has a unique pair of earbuds and one type may fit better than others with your swim cap, goggles, mask, or any other type of equipment you may use.
    • Systems compatibility: Finally, consider the operating system your computer has. Since you must independently put your own music on your device, make sure that it is compatible with your computer before purchasing your device.

    Sony: Sony is a multinational Japanese corporation that has been around for almost 70 years. It is one of the top manufactures of electronics across a multitude of spheres from camera to speakers to televisions.

    Diver: Diver is based in San Diego and produces various products related to the waterproof MP3 player.

    Aerb: Aerb is a small American company headquartered in China. It produces and distributes a number of electronic products that are considered to be unique and novel, including a talking Bluetooth computer mouse.

    Pyle: Pyle began as a subwoofer company that eventually branched into speaker production. Their focus is on making high-quality audio available in the home, car, and on the go.



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