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The 10 Best Rolling Papers  Jun 2018

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Top choice
Best Rolling Papers - Cheech & Chong Hemp Rolling Papers King Size Review Cheech & Chong
9 . 7
Best value
Best Rolling Papers - Raw Classic Natural Unrefined King Size PreRolled Rolling Review Raw
9 . 3
Best Rolling Papers - Raw Classic Natural Unrefined 1 1/4 Pre-Rolled Rolling Review RAW
9 . 3
Best Rolling Papers - 10 booklets OCB VIRGIN Regular size UNBLEACHED Rolling Review OCB
8 . 9
Best Rolling Papers - RAW 1 1/4 Natural Unbleached Rolling Papers Pack Review Raw
8 . 5
Best Rolling Papers - ZIG-ZAG Red Cut Corners : 10 booklets x Review Zig Zag
8 . 4
Best Rolling Papers - Moon Unbleached Cigarette Rolling Papers King Size 108*45mm Review
7 . 9
Best Rolling Papers - 3 Packs Raw Rolling Papers King Size Slim+ Review
7 . 7
Best Rolling Papers - 10 Packs x RAW Rolling Papers King Size Review
7 . 3
Best Rolling Papers - 1 box 50 booklets Moon Gold Cigarette Rolling Review
7 . 2

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Your Guide To Buying a Rolling Paper

By Dennis McGlothin

    Most smokers know that cigarettes tend to be fairly expensive. To complicate matters, the cigarettes that are available on the market might not be exactly what you’re looking for. The solution, then, is to roll your own. That gives you the opportunity to choose which kinds of tobacco to use, which allows you to control the final taste and quality of your cigarettes. In order to get started, you’re going to need rolling papers. Rolling papers are easy enough to figure out—just add the tobacco to the middle, moisten one edge of the paper, and roll the cigarette up. If you’re interested in making your own cigarettes, here are some ways to find the best rolling papers for your needs.

    Unbleached: Unbleached rolling papers are the most straightforward papers on the market. They are small squares of paper that have been processed as little as possible before being packaged and sold.

    • These are the rolling papers for smokers who want to keep additives and processing to a minimum.

    Bleached: Bleached rolling papers have also undergone minimal processing. The only difference is that they have been bleached so that they are white.

    • These are good rolling papers for smokers who want their cigarettes to look a certain way.

    Flavored: Flavored rolling papers have additional flavorings added to the paper. The flavorings are either naturally- or artificially-based, and are usually fruit flavors of some kind.

    • If you’re interested in having your tobacco accented with some additional flavor, this kind of rolling paper can be an excellent way of making that happen.

    Here are some of the things reviewers point out when talking about their rolling paper purchases:

    • Burn speed: Even though the purpose of a rolling paper is to eventually burn away, the best papers do so slowly, giving smokers more time to enjoy their cigarettes.
    • Adhesive: Rolling papers need something to hold themselves together, and most accomplish this by having some form of adhesive. Reviewers mention that some brands come with adhesives that either don’t work or work too well—the papers stick together and make a mess. The best brands use just enough adhesive to hold together while still being able to be handled cleanly.
    • Taste: Even unflavored papers have a taste to them. The best brands have pleasant, subtle flavors that don’t mask the taste of the cigarette.
    • Size: Think about your preferences and be sure to look for a brand of rolling paper that is neither too big nor too small for your tastes.
    • Roller: Some brands come with a roller to help smokers make their cigarettes. If you choose to go with one of those, make sure that you pick one with a roller that is sturdy and easy to use.
    • Number of papers: Since rolling papers are reasonably cheap, most brands sell in bulk packages. Think about your own smoking habits—even if it’s cheaper to buy an enormous package of papers, if you’re not going to use them, are the savings really worth it?

    Zig-Zag: Zig-Zag is probably the most famous brand of rolling papers in the world. The company was founded in France in 1879 and has been making high-quality, innovative products ever since.

    Top: Top is one of America’s oldest rolling paper producers, having been established in 1928. Today, the papers are produced and sold by the Republic Group.

    Raw: Raw is a tobacco products manufacturer that is committed to producing quality goods that are also environmentally and socially responsible.