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The 10 Best Ice Makers  May 2016

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5 Best Ice Makers - NewAir AI-100R Red Portable Ice Maker Review NewAir
6 Best Ice Makers - Whynter IMC-270MS Compact Ice Maker, 27-Pound, Metallic Silver Review Whynter
7 Best Ice Makers - Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker Review Avalon Bay
8 Best Ice Makers - NewAir AI-215SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker Review NewAir
9 Best Ice Makers - NewAir AI-215R Red Portable Ice Maker Review NewAir
10 Best Ice Makers - Vinotemp Portable Ice Maker, Silver Review Vinotemp

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Your Guide To Buying an Ice Maker

By Sharon Lim

    Whether you are filling up a cooler for a picnic, blending fresh margaritas for party guests, or simply want a cool glass of water, running out of ice can be a major headache. Sometimes making a trip to the store for last minute ice, or worse, waiting for ice trays to refreeze, is simply not an option. Luckily, there are a number of high-quality portable icemakers that won’t dig too deep in your pocket. These ice makers are ideal for a home bar, pool house, camping, or even as the main source of ice production in your home.

    Portable: Portable icemakers are light and compact and can easily be set up anywhere in your home, boat, or recreational vehicle. They do not require any installation or connections to a water line or drain pipe. These icemakers are intended for small-scale personal use. They are ideal for your daily ice needs around the house as well as entertaining guests.

    Commercial: Commercial icemakers are much larger and heavier than portable ones. They require installation and will produce mass quantities of ice every day. These are intended for use in restaurants, hotels, and other facilities that require a great deal of ice to be produced at a constant and rapid rate.

    Types of Ice


    • Soft and chewy
    • Works well for carbonated beverages, blended drinks, displaying food



    • Soft, flaky, aesthetically pleasing
    • Works well for blended drinks, displaying and transporting food, snow cones


    Full Cubes:

    • Large, slow melting, hard
    • Works well for drinks, bulk cooling, bagging


    Half Cubes:

    • Hard, slow melting, easy to handle
    • Works well for mixed cocktails, iced coffee, therapeutic uses



    • Splash resistant, long, slow melting
    • Works well for soft drinks, full drinks



    • Clear, odorless, slow melting, aesthetically pleasing
    • Works well for special occasions, upscale restaurants, banquet services
    • Noise: Happy customers reviewed top-rated icemakers as being unobtrusive in the amount of noise they produce. As can be expected, during the time the ice is being cranked out there is a bit of noise.
    • Speed: Reviewers were particularly impressed with the speed at which their new icemaker produced ice. Most of the top rated machines were reported to produce about nine cubes every ten minutes. Customers were impressed by the fact that they were not able to use up the ice faster than the machine produced it. Most portable models boast the ability to deliver around twenty-six to twenty-eight pounds of ice each day. Given the price of ice bags at the grocery store, customers noted, this pays for itself in no time.
    • Ease of Use: Reviewers applauded the ease of set up, use, and maintenance of their icemakers. Top rated machines simply need to be allowed to sit for 24 hours before use to allow the coolant to settle, rinse, and be plugged in. No direct water source is needed for the machine, so it can be set up anywhere. In addition, customers loved the fact that their new icemaker took any leftover ice melt and cycled it through for the next batch of ice. Reviewers pointed to the ease of draining and cleanup as one of the best features of their machine.
    • Look: As portable icemakers are designed for a myriad of settings, they often sport sleek and stylish looks. Satisfied customers were quick to mention the modern, streamlined look of their icemaker. Customers noted how the compact size of their new machine allowed it to fit easily and seamlessly into their kitchen, bar, recreational vehicle, boat, and various other areas.
    • Price: Portable icemakers run between about $100 and $300. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. The more expensive a machine is, the more likely it is to last you for many years to come. However, depending on how often you plan to use the icemaker, it might be unnecessary for you to take a large hit to your wallet. Before purchasing your new icemaker, consider how often you will be using it and make an informed decision about which machine is right for you.
    • Aesthetics: Most icemakers come in either black or silver, but some give the option of other fun or bright colors. Think about where the icemaker will be sitting in your home, recreational vehicle, or boat, so that you can choose one that will be the most aesthetically pleasing to you. Ensure that you can make the most of your new icemaker by purchasing one that will look and feel good in your space without having to be tucked away as an unfortunate eyesore. Take into consideration blinking lights, buttons, and knobs, especially if you are detail oriented and hope to match your icemaker with the other appliances in your room.
    • Size and shape: If you are putting your icemaker in an especially compact or tight space, be sure to check that the measurements and shape will fit your area. Although   portable icemakers are mostly similar in size, there are slight variations that are important to take note of when choosing which icemaker to purchase.
    • Cube settings: Some icemakers come with more cube size settings than others. If your icemaker will be used for a multitude of purposes, it may be wise to consider purchasing one with a number of different settings. While crushed ice is preferable in some situations, large cubes may be ideal in others.

    Avalon Bay: Avalon Bay is a family owned company that specializes in stylish, affordable, small home appliances. They pride themselves in exceptional customer service and reliable products.

    EdgeStar: EdgeStar focuses on portability of products and optimal utilization of small spaces. They design their products with today’s busy lifestyle in mind and aim to deliver compact appliances that make this lifestyle that much easier.

    NewAir: NewAir provides a range of quality home appliances including wine coolers, portable air conditioners, and water dispensers.

    Igloo: Igloo has been the #1 brand for cooler products for over 60 years. In fact, research indicates that three out of every four American households own at least one Igloo cooler product!

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