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The 2 Best Ereaders  Mar 2020

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1 Best Ereaders - New - Kindle Oasis with Leather Charging Cover Review Amazon
2 Best Ereaders - Kindle E-reader - Black, 6 Amazon

Your Guide To Buying an Ereader

By Nicole Blanckenberg

    eBook readers are an ideal solution for the book lover who is always on the go. Providing you with an entire library in one device, they are popular for travelers, commuters and avid readers. With their growing popularity and so many brands on the market, choosing the right eReader with the right features and functions and a big enough book collection for you can be tricky. To help you find the best eBook reader, we have put together this eReader buying guide that includes information on types, tips, and popular topics from online reviews for you to compare.

    Closed Source eBook Readers: These are eBook readers that only support library files downloaded by the eReader brand. The two main types of file specific eReaders are:

    • AZW eBook Formats: Although Amazon eReaders support AZW formats, they have the widest range of eBook selections online and offer a big variety to readers that ensures they will always have their favorite book with them.
    • ePub eBook Readers: With epub formats, readers have access to over a million free Google books. Offering automatic adjustment to fit any screen size, ePub files are particularly handy for viewing your downloaded content on various size devices.

    Open Source eBook Readers: These readers allow you to download books in more than one format and make it possible to enjoy books you have already downloaded, making them the most versatile eBook readers.

    Black and White eBook Readers: Black and white eBook readers use eInk technology which is designed to look like ink on paper, replicating real books. Still popular among entry level eReader models, elnk makes for much more comfortable reading and allows for competitive prices.

    Full Color eBook Readers: Newer eBook readers have LCD screens - more often than not touch screens - found on interactive models that offer full color displays. They are particularly useful for bringing children’s books, magazines, and blogs to life or for readers who want the full color effect.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    1. Battery Life: The longer the battery life of an eReader, the higher the reviews. Online reviewers value eReaders that can go weeks without charging and view them as the perfect travel companion. eInk readers are rated much higher in this regard and are an ideal choice for people wanting battery life convenience.
    2. Screens: In general, eBook readers with quick touch screens give their owners a lot more product satisfaction than button scrolls. Screens that include a glow light for easy reading in low light conditions are also a factor that improves owners’ impression of their eReader.
    3. Comfort: eBook readers are designed to replace books and therefore buyers who find their eReaders comfortable to hold and grip rate them higher for replicating that real-book feel. If this is a concern for you, compare product reviews of top rated brands to find a comfortable fit.
    4. Content Downloads: Owners review their eBook readers higher based on how easy to navigate and how fast it is to download online content. Variety is also a big factor, and eReaders that supports multiple formats and/or offers millions of download options are the best rated by consumers.
    • When choosing the size of your eBook reader, consider portability as well as the types of things you would like to read. For novel reading on your next vacation, a smaller eReader may be more convenient. For getting your daily newspaper electronically, forgo portability for a comfortable reading size.
    • eBook readers offer button controlled or touchscreens. Button control eInk screens are much better on the eyes and have a longer battery life, while HD touchscreens make it possible to do more things with your eReader. Choosing between them should be based on personal preference and budget.
    • When it comes to connectivity, eReaders offer 3G, Wi-Fi, or both. 3G connectivity means you don’t have to wait for a wireless connection to download your books, Wi-Fi connected eBook readers make it possible to download wherever there is Wi-Fi and don’t require a monthly service fee, and eReaders that have both will ensure you are always connected no matter where you are.
    • For extended battery life of up to two weeks between charges, eInk black and white eBook readers are an ideal choice.
    • Some eBooks reader features worth considering are a text-to-speech option, a glowlight that illuminates the page for easy reading in low light conditions, and a read-to-me function.
    • Accessories such as eReader covers, screen protectors, or external keyboards are normally not included in the purchase but are worth buying to ensure durability and more comfortable usage of your eReader.
    • For reading PDF formats that include text and graphics, opt for a larger eReader for better display.
    • If you are looking for an eBook reader that is able to able to open a variety of eBook file formats and offers other interactive options such as movie watching and game playing, then a tablet will offer a lot more variety of downloadable apps to access a variety of formats.

    Kindle : Founded in 1994, Amazon is now the largest online bookstore and was the first eReader creator.

    Barnes & Noble: Barnes & Noble, Inc, is a Fortune 500 company that started off as a book retailer. They now have one of the biggest online digital bookstores to date and their NOOK brand offers best rated eReaders.

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