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The 10 Best Cat Trees  Jun 2019

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Best Cat Trees - Roypet 32" Cat Tree with Scratching Pad Review Roypet
9 . 7
Best Cat Trees - AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Scratching Posts - Large Review AmazonBasics
9 . 3
Best Cat Trees - Go Pet Club F70 62-Inch Cat Tree Condo Review Go Pet Club
9 . 2
Best Cat Trees - WIKI 02C 35.43" Tall Cat Tree with Scratching Review WIKI
9 . 0
Best Cat Trees - Ohana 68" Cat Tree with Scratching Posts,Deluxe Kitten Review PAWZ Road
8 . 6
Best Cat Trees - CO-Z 5-Level Cat Activity Trees and Towers Kitty Review CO-Z
8 . 4
Best Cat Trees - FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Posts Kitty Review FEANDREA
8 . 0
Best Cat Trees - FEANDREA Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts Review feandrea
7 . 7
Best Cat Trees - Ohana 54.7" Cat Tree,Kitty Toy Cat Scratching Post Review Ohana
7 . 4
Best Cat Trees - PETMAKER 80-PET5081 Cat Tree Condo 3 Tier Review PETMAKER
7 . 1

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Your Guide To Buying a Cat Tree

By Nick Cline

    Cat trees are the perfect way to prevent your cat from climbing, scratching, and jumping on your favorite sofa and act as a cat gym that will keep them entertained for hours. For small apartments to big family homes, there are a wide range of cat trees on the market to suit your (and your cat’s) needs, and the right tree will mean hours of play. We know a good quality cat tree is an investment, so that is why we have put together this cat tree buying guide - to help you find the best cat tree, quickly and easily.

    Cat trees differ in styles from simple, one-cat designs to elaborate cat trees for more exciting play, and are available in a variety of sizes to suite the size of your home and the number of cats it can accommodate. Here are the main types of cat trees for you to compare:

    Small Cat Trees: Normally consisting of two posts and one platform, these are the perfect cat trees for one cat. Offering a high napping area and two scratching posts, small cat trees are a great solution for smaller apartments. Normally 1 - 1.5 feet wide, these cat trees consist of one or two levels.

    Large Cat Trees: Between 1.5 and 9 feet wide, large cat trees are more elaborate and can consist of up to 8 levels. Including four or more posts and platforms, and often including a cave, they make cat play exciting. Suitable for larger homes with more than one cat, large cat trees will entertain your feline friends for hours and keep them off the sofas.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    1. Assembly: Cat trees that are easy to assemble and have with good clear instructions are real crowd pleasers. Most happy owners say it took less than 10 minutes to get their trees out of the box, setup, and ready for their kitty to play.
    2. Stability: Stability is a big talking point among cat tree reviewers. This is specifically true for pet owners with more than one cat or with heavier pets. If this is a concern for you, choosing a good quality, solid hardwood build that will not fall over during play is essential for satisfaction and safety. To find the best for you, choose based on the amount of cats you have and the weight the tree can handle.
    3. Features: Features that add value to a cat tree and guarantee good reviews include sleeping hammocks, dangling toys, and scratching posts. Owners feel these items add a lot more function to their cat trees and allow cats to sleep, play, and scratch in one place.
    • One of the first things to consider when buying your new cat tree is where you plan to put it. Your amount of available space will be a big deciding factor on how big you can go, so measure your space first and compare it to the dimensions of the cat trees you’re interested in.
    • Cat trees come in a variety of shapes, from triangular corner shapes to solid square shapes. Choosing the right shape for the space you plan to put it will save you a lot of space.
    • Buy a cat tree to suite the amount of cats you have. Smaller cat trees are compact and a cost effective choice for one pet. For two or more cats, they will get a lot more enjoyment out of a larger, more elaborate tree that has a more solid build to accommodate the extra weight.
    • Cat trees come in a wide variety of covers to suit any style or decor, and choosing a cat tree that fits the style of your room will help it blend in.
    • For a quality cat tree, opt for trees made from hardwood materials such as pressed, solid, or ply woods. However, if you are looking for something super light and more cost effective, some cat trees are made from corrugated cardboard and are a good short term solution. Covering materials include sisal, for durable scratching posts, and carpeting, for comfortable for resting.
    • When choosing the height of your cat tree, consider the behavior of your cat. Cats that love to climb will enjoy higher trees while older, more relaxed cats might prefer something lower and smaller. The more cats you have, or the more your cat likes to climb, the more platforms (and therefore levels) you should consider.
    • Cat trees come with a variety of features worth investing in, including scratching posts (covered in rope), dangling ropes, punching bags, hanging toys, tunnels for exploring, and covered caves/bedrooms that act as comfortable hiding holes your cats will love to sleep in.
    • How portable do you need your cat tree to be? Cat trees weigh between 5 and 200 pounds, depending on the size and features you choose.

    The Refined Feline: The Refined Feline was started by a cat owner who wanted to allow his cat to scratch and climb without furniture damage. They set out to create affordable, easy to maintain products that are fun for cats.

    Armarkat: Established in 1994, Armarkat is a leading brand of the Aeromark Pet Product Company and manufactures quality cat trees, pet beds, and other affordable pet accessories.

    TRIXIE Pet Products: TRIXIE is a large, leading pet products company with a comprehensive range of products exported to more than 80 countries.

    Go Pet Club: Since 2003, Go Pet Club has become a leading pet furniture manufacturer in the USA. They offer a wide variety of cat trees and other pet products and accessories.

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