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The 10 Best Beard Trimmers  Mar 2020

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1 Best Beard Trimmers - Wahl Professional 8685 Peanut Classic Clipper/trimmer Review Wahl Pro
2 Best Beard Trimmers - Wahl Professional 8655-200 Peanut Clipper/Trimmer, Black Review Wahl Pro
3 Best Beard Trimmers - Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All-In-One Trimmer Review Wahl
Best value
4 Best Beard Trimmers - Wahl 3231 22 Piece Home Pro Haircutting Kit Review Wahl
5 Best Beard Trimmers - Andis 04711 T-Outliner Trimmer Review Andis
6 Best Beard Trimmers - PANASONIC ER-GB40-S Body Hair Trimmer Review Panasonic
7 Best Beard Trimmers - Philips Hc7450/80 Hair Clipper Series 7000 With Lithium Review Philips
8 Best Beard Trimmers - Philips Canada Beard Trimmer 5000 Review Philips Canada
9 Best Beard Trimmers - Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 Beard Trimmer Review Philips Norelco
10 Best Beard Trimmers - Philips Beard Trimmer 9000 with Laser Guide Review Philips Canada

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Your Guide To Buying a Beard Trimmer

By Nicole Blanckenberg

    If you’re looking to shape and trim your beard, then you have come to the right page! Beard trimmers offer a lot more maintenance options than electric shaversand unlike bigger hair clippers, their size makes them specifically suited for the face. Whether you want to neaten up your lumberjack, shape your goatee, or shave down to an elegant fade, we have you covered! We have put together this beard trimmer buying guide you so that you can quickly and easily choose the right trimmer for you.

    Varying in price and features, choosing the right trimmer is determined by where you will be trimming, what features and blades you need, and the amount you’re willing to spend. Beard trimmers can be divided into two main types: corded and cordless, and come with a variety of motor options.

    Corded Beard Trimmers: These trimmers plug directly into an outlet for power and are a good value solution for trimming. Because you don’t need to charge them, they easily plug in for immediate shaving and will never be without a power supply.

    Cordless Beard Trimmers: Cordless trimmers offer much more flexibility with where you can trim - enabling you to charge in one room and shave in another, meaning you are not reliant on having an outlet in your bathroom. Their cordless design also makes trimming much easier, as you don’t have to worry about the cord getting in the way.

    Pivot Motored Beard Trimmers: These trimmers pack a lot of power and offer a slower blade speed that is ideal for wet or thick beards. You will often find this motor on wet and dry trimmers designed for in and out of shower use.

    Rotary Motored Beard Trimmers: Rotary motors work well on a variety of cuts and styles as their power matches their blade speed. These offer great flexibility for beginners still wanting to experiment with styles before buying dedicated products suited to specific needs.

    Universal Motored Beard Trimmers: Trimmers with this motor move the blade back and forth providing a power stroke in both directions.

    Magnetic Motored Beard Trimmers: The motors on these trimmers offer the fastest blade speeds and the least amount of maintenance. They have a vibrating strip that pulls the blade from side to side giving a close cut to even the coarsest hair with much less noise than other trimmers.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their cool new stuff:

    1. Trimming: Beard trimmers are judged mostly on their ability to give a consistent trim, and reviewers rate trimmers high if their models achieve this, and low if they don’t. To ensure you get this from your new trimmer, choose a good quality brand and a trimmer model that has blades or combs matching your needs.
    2. Adjustments: Beard trimmers that have easily adjustable blades and combs are rated much higher. Also rated on the amount of adjustments available, owners like that this gives them more style options.
    3. Cleaning & Maintenance: Reviewers value their trimmers that are easy to clean and maintain over ones that are not. Beard trimmers that allow you to easily clean blades after each use and that include maintenance brushes are popular and worth considering.
    4. Features: Features that trimmer owners value most are hair vacuums and waterproofing. Reviewers comment that hair vacuums or catchers make beard trimming a far less messy affair, and models that are suited for wet and dry cannot only be easily cleaned, but enable owners to use their trimmers in the shower.
    • The first thing to consider when choosing your beard trimmer is the motor. A powerful, good quality motor will ensure your trimmer will cut through even the toughest beard!
    • Who are you buying the beard trimmer for? If it is a gift for your son? Consider who will use the it. Beginners may find mid-level trimmers easier to use and navigate. If you are upgrading your outdated trimmer, opting for a high quality durable model will give you years of use.
    • Your beard trimmer should include a two year warranty so that, in case something goes wrong, you will be able to exchange or fix it.
    • It is recommended to rather buy a quality trimmer with fewer blade and comb options, than a low quality clipper offering tons of add ons. Buying a quality clipper will ensure many more years of use and you can always add on extra blades or other accessories later.
    • Adjustable blades and combs will offer you more length options and enable you to go shorter or longer as you wish. Length settings are normally between 0.5 and 10mm, with 0.5mm offering the closest shave and giving you that stubble look.
    • Choose a good quality trimmer that offers easy adjustments that don’t slip out of their settings while in use to ensure an even, well-styled beard.
    • Is portability a concern for you? If so, choose a lightweight model with many power options. If not, you may be more satisfied with a heavier, more powerful model.
    • As beard trimmers get frequent use, opt for a model with a quality guide combs to ensure better longevity for your trimmer.
    • The blades on your new trimmer should be self-sharpening to make sure they are always sharp and ready to work.
    • For those with sensitive skin, some trimmers offer hypoallergenic blades which cause a lot less shaving irritations.
    • Your trimmer should at least include blade oil and cleaning brushes for easy maintenance.
    • Advanced Beard trimmers offer display options that may show the battery charge status, which length setting the trimmer is on, or even remind you when your blades need to be cleaned.
    • Some beard trimmers offer touchscreens which enable you to quickly and effortless change between settings.
    • Hair trimmers that include vacuums make trimming much neater. These vacuums suck up the hair while you are trimming and leave very little clean-up behind.
    • For the best cleaning options, choose a trimmer where you are able to regularly clean your blades. Features that help with this are rinse channels for quick rinsing, the ability to withstand soaps and solvents for deep cleaning or an included cleaning brush.
    • Beard trimmers come in a variety of waterproofing levels, and if you are planning to do most of your trimming in the shower then this is definitely a feature to consider.
    • If you are going to travel with your trimmer, a good travel case is needed to keep your trimmer blades and combs safe and clean in transit.
    • There are a variety of blade material options to choose from, depending on your budget and your needs. A lot of trimmers include stainless steel blades that don’t corrode and offer good longevity. Carbon steel blades are a sharper blades for a closer cut. And carbon steel blades that are coated in titanium that have the sharpness of carbon but the strength of stainless steel, making them a high quality choice.
    • If you are a frequent traveler, look for a beard trimmer that offers dual voltage. This will allow you to still operate your trimmer in countries with different standard electricity voltages than the US.
    • Corded or cordless trimmers? Corded beard trimmers offer users good value for money, while cordless beard trimmers offer great movability and flexibility. Also consider where you will be shaving and the outlets available to help you decide between the two.
    • When choosing a corded beard trimmer, comparing cord lengths is helpful and will help you find the right length you need so that your trimmer will reach from your mirror to the outlet.
    • Rechargeable cordless trimmers will save you the hassle and money needing to frequently replace batteries. Standard battery operated trimmers don’t need a charger and may be a better choice for travellers.
    • Battery life is an important thing to consider when choosing a rechargeable cordless beard trimmer. Depending on how often you will charge it and how often you will use it, choose a model offering an optimal battery life for your needs.
    • Rechargeable trimmers will use either NiMH (nickel-metal-hydride) or lithium batteries. NiMH are a much more cost effective option and should have up to 30 minutes of run time. Lithium batteries holds charges longer, with users only having to recharge them after 50 minutes of use.
    • Some cordless trimmers are USB compatible, which makes them a handy model for travel.
    • Beard trimmers with lockout features enable you to lock your trimmer so that even if it is bumped it won’t accidently turn on. This is particularly helpful during travel to prevent a dead trimmer when you arrive at your destination.

    Panasonic: A top electronics brand, Panasonic has been a leading home electronics brand for over 50 years. From award winning cameras to modern beard trimmers, they offer innovation and quality to consumers.

    Andis: Andis was formed in 1922 with the design of a hair clipper the whole family could use. Over the years, they have continued to make popular beard trimming products. They have concentrated on one small section of the home electronics marketing, and mastered it well.

    Phillips: Phillips have aimed to provide meaningful innovations to improve the lives of consumers for over 120 years. They are revered for their home electrics, especially their line of self maintenance products, such as trimmers and shavers.

    Remington: Remington belongs to the global Spectrum Brands group and specialises in hair trimmers, cutters, straighteners, and a host of other hair products aimed at both men and woman. Their narrow product focus has allowed them to becomes masters in the hair cutting field, and one of the leading trimmer brands.

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